LCMR is a Brisbane-based recording label and a division of Phase 4 Record Store - a music centre based upstairs at The Cave Inn, situated at 47 Balaclava St, Woolloongabba.

During the course of 2015, Julie Morrison and I decided to start a record label to release  titles we liked. Calling it Late-Century Modern Recordings was a title that just rolled off the tongue with such ease, it sheepishly seemed. If Mid Century cuts off in the mid-sixties then what do you call the era from 1966 to 2000? I guess it's Late-Century!

Ed Kuepper's Serene Machine appeared like a good place to start - and it was. His 1993 ARIA nabbing album sat in-between of two LP releases: Black Ticket Day and Character Assassination. For whatever reason, Ed's label at the time didn't want to put it out as (at the time) it was a dying format, as CDs were in full swing here in Australia. Heck, you couldn't even buy LPs at K-Mart any more, let alone Brashs. Dire times!

So we got a hold of the tape and got Don Bartley onto the task of mastering it for vinyl as he initially did the CD and cassette. From the onset, we thought it would be best to put as much care and attention into our releases as humanly possible and pool all of the resources available or otherwise. And much as we appreciate the work of great record labels like Music For Pleasure, Summit and Marble Arch, we wanted to aspire to the dizzying heights of Everest and Command.

At the time of writing, we've released two LPs, just as many 45s, and all four have been Brisbane-based artists. Coincidence or not, we're looking at delving deeper down the halls of Brisbane music history for this year's release program. These are exciting times.

Donat Tahiraj

May 2016