When it comes to our reissue series, we seek out the original master tapes (or at worst the safetys) to bring out the best sounding records. The most integral part of this chain is the mastering engineer. Let's introduce you to some of the cats we've so far had the great pleasure to have worked with.

Don Bartley

Mr Bartley has presided over the cutting and mastering of records since the early 70s. From his work presiding over some highly obscure (and highly coveted!) EMI Custom releases to the audiophile's grail: the half-speed master of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band made for the 1983 Sydney Hi-Fi and Audio Show. Before, during and after these activities are hundreds more, from Lou Reed and David Bowie titles on RCA to the Saints and the Laughing Clowns.

Bruce 'Cub' Callaway

Australian music scholars will recognise Cub's name on a string of post-punk records either as a musician or from behind the desk at some of this country's most illustrious studios. We here at LCMR loved his work as a producer on Ed Kuepper's Electrical Storm album (which Don Bartley has mastered in the past for analogue and digital (what a small world we live in!)) and his mixing of The Triffids' woolshed record, In The Pines. Enough said, really!

Simon Grounds

Known to some as a member of Shower Scene From Psycho but when you look closely at a lot of Melbourne recording credits of alternative artists from the mid 80s onward, you'll see artists from GOD to Venom P. Stinger and the warm cardy glow of the Ampersands - all of which sit proudly on the shelves here at HQ.