• Image of LCMR-019 THE HURTING KIND - EP (C34)

RELEASE DATE: 01/03/19

From the edges of Brisbane by way of Brighton, the Hurting Kind existed in their own world away from the mainstream while stylistically playing a brand of jangle pop well known to listening ears in 1989.

In a top floor building in Adelaide St, Leroy Bath presided over the recording and soon enough the band released a 5 track cassette EP as the vinyl record was on its way out and CDs duplication was simply out of the price range for an independent band.

30 years later and with some leftover slicks from the printers, LCMR have yet again dug out another chapter in Brisbane's musical history with a remaster of the original tapes by Bruce 'Cub' Callaway who's worked with some of the greatest of Australian artists on both sides of the recording console including (but not limited to) The Triffids, Ed Kuepper, the New Christs and more. This is the label's first cassette release with other planned releases written up on the office's whiteboard.

An edition of 50 copies will be available in the autumn of 2019.