• Image of LCMR-025 ROSS LOVELL - 1979: THE EARLY WORKS (C32)

The recording star of our earlier reissue 'Trains' by Sneaky Radio is represented by the label once more with a collection of his early recordings. Armed with a 1/4" reel to reel 4 track recorder, Ross Lovell recorded a string of songs which would remain buried for the past 40 years on a series of decaying cassettes which survived a garage flood some time ago. A further dig into Ross's archives unveiled a selection of songs recorded at Southwind Studios recorded later in 1979 and of which only Trains saw the light of day as a single in 1981.

To describe Ross's music in one word is 'outsider'. It's too polished for some and too rough for others but most of all it's a style that's deeply personal and best of all unique.

In our infinite wisdom, we've decided to release these recordings as a limited edition cassette of 25 copies only and will be made available from the 12th of October to celebrate Cassette Store Day 2019 which the label's parent Phase 4 Records will be participating in with great interest.

A handful of copies will be available here as a preorder.

Enjoy the last release of the year.

- Donat.